Unlock Your Creativity!


"Fon zee flom!"

    - Dantonella Fizz from The Exhibit

You have ideas. You have something to say. You need someone to help guide you through the writing process and to provide constructive feedback in a supportive environment. That's where I come in.


What I Offer:

* I provide one-on-one personalized online instruction

* I will teach you about the basic elements of storytelling,   dramatic structure, characterization and dialogue

* I'll give you writing prompts and short assignments           which enable you to hone your writing skills

* I will help you generate ideas by stimulating the               imagination and tapping into your own creative potential

* I will provide feedback and constructive criticism on         your writing with suggestions for how to move forward     in pursuit of your writing goals


       - A 6-session package


       - A one-time consultation

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